Chapter 168 of the Town's Ordinances governs how land can be subdivided in the Town of St. Joseph. At a minimum, you will need to have a professional survey and submit the appropriate application to be reviewed by staff and sent on to the Plan Commission and Town Board.  Fees, checklists and process are outlined on the applications. If a new road is required, you will need to follow the rules set out in Chapter 149 of the Town's Ordinances.  And of course, Zoning always matters! Make sure you know what zoning district your property is in by looking at the Zoning Map and be sure to check out the Town Zoning webpage for more information. 

Minor Subdivision (4 lots or less) Concept Application - this is an excellent way to get some initial feedback from the Plan Commission and Town Board before you submit a formal application. 

Minor Subdivision (4 lots or less) Certified Survey Map Application

Major Subdivision (5 lots or more) Concept Application - this is *required* if your subdivision will have 5 lots or more. 

Major Subdivision (5 lots or more) Preliminary Plat Application

Major Subdivision (5 lots or more) Final Plat Application

Notice to Adjacent Landowners Letter - editable

Procedures for applying for a subdivision – Town of St. Joseph


Application materials and the required fees for consideration of  approval for any proposed subdivision under Chapter 168 shall be submitted the Clerk-Treasurer Office which will be submitted to the Town Board and the Town Plan Commission. All the  application materials along with the Town requirements, checklists and deadlines are available in written form from the  Clerk-Treasurer Office staff.

  1. An application for any Town Board action under Chapter 168 (Concept, Certified Survey Map, Preliminary Plat and Final Plat) shall be deemed to have been validly submitted to the Town when:
    1. A written application and predevelopment agreement, signed by the owner and subdivider or by the owner and an authorized representative and accompanied by  the applicable Town application, checklist,  all required materials, maps and fees, have been personally delivered to the Town Clerk-Treasurer Office and an electronic copy has been submitted to  Email: Clerk- Treasurer Office
    2. Copies of all application materials have been delivered to the Town Attorney and Town Engineer.
    3. The application has been acknowledged by the Plan Commission at its regular monthly meeting following the delivery of materials to the designated Town personnel.
    4. All information and written materials required to allow the Town Clerk/Treasurer (staff) to notify all adjoining landowners of what subdivision activity is being proposed is provided.
      1. Adjoining landowners shall include owners of land across any roadways from the proposed land division.
    5. All such materials have been provided at least 14 days before a Plan Commission meeting so that the Town Clerk-Treasurer (staff) can process and mail said notices at least 10 days before the Town Plan Commission at which said subdivision proposal will be considered.
  2. The Town Board, Town Plan Commission, Town Attorney or Town Engineer can require an applicant to provide additional information at any time where site characteristics or other unique circumstances make it appropriate to do so.
  3. Site Visit: The Town Plan Commission and Town Board may make onsite visits to the property being considered for subdivision sometime before their meetings between the hours of 7:00AM and 8:00PM without notice to the owner.
  4. Presentation of Proposal: The subdivider/owner or designee shall attend the meeting of the Plan Commission and Town Board to present the proposed land division. Failure to attend these meetings or to provide a complete application may be grounds for the Town Board or Plan Commission to table or deny the application.
  5. Conditions of Approval: The Town Board may impose conditions upon its approval of any subdivision. Such conditions shall be stated in the Town Board’s minutes and a copy given the applicant. Such conditions shall also be incorporated into the Developer’s Agreement required under Chapter 168.
  6. Disapproval: When the Town Board decides not to approve a preliminary plat, final plat or certified survey map, its reasons for denial shall be stated in the Town Board’s meeting minutes and a copy there of given to the applicant/subdivider.



Don't forget to call St Croix County Community Development Department to determine is anything is required.