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Resolution 2016-11 Highway 64 Corridor Trail Committee Charter
Jul 14, 2016
PDF Version: 21820_2016-Jul-14_Resolution 2016-11 Highway 64 Corridor Trail Committee Charter.pdf

RESOLUTION 2016-11, Town of St. Joseph, Wisconsin



The Highway 64 Corridor Trail Committee (Committee) is hereby created by the St. Croix Bike and Pedestrian Trail Coalition (Coalition) to research and provide information to the Coalition regarding the following matter:

Collaboration between and among the Highway 64 corridor communities - specifically the Towns of Richmond, St. Joseph, Somerset and Star Prairie, the Village of Somerset and the City of New Richmond (Corridor Communities) - regarding trail connections along the Highway 64 corridor that ensure trails will ultimately connect from the Loop Trail being constructed as a part of the St. Croix River Crossing Project into the City of New Richmond.


The Committee shall be organized as follows:

1.    The duration of the Committee shall be ongoing either as deemed necessary by the Board of Directors or until the trail connections are complete, and

2.    The Committee shall meet at least semi-annually, and

3.    Meetings may be called by the Chairperson of the Committee or a majority of the Coalition’s Board of Directors (Directors), and

4.    The Committee shall be an advisory body to the Directors.  Actions taken by the Committee shall be at the request of the Directors only, and

5.    Membership shall consist of at least one member appointed by each Corridor Community, a member of the Pathways organization, a member of the Coalition and not more than six members-at-large who must be either a resident of or merchant in one of the Corridor Communities.  Membership on the Committee shall not exceed fourteen members, and

6.    The Chairperson of the Committee may be either a Director or a member of the Coalition, and

7.    A quorum shall be a majority of the membership, and

8.    Meetings may be held at times and in public locations the committee may determine, coordinating with the Coalition Secretary, and

9.    Roberts Rules shall be the basis for the Committees rules of procedure with more specific rules being adopted by the Committee as deemed necessary, and

10. Agendas for meetings shall be sent to the Coalition Secretary at least 10 days prior to the meeting for publication and distribution to members, and

11. Minutes from the meetings shall be sent to the Coalition Secretary at most 10 days following the meeting for publication and distribution to members, and

12. The Committee shall coordinate with the Coalition secretary regarding any further records required, and

13. A report shall be given to the Directors at each meeting in which the Committee met following the last Directors meeting, and

14. A written report shall be given to the Directors at least yearly before the annual meeting, anytime a significant action is requested or taken and whenever requested by the Directors.  The report shall provide specific details needed for the Board to take action.  These reports shall become a part of the public records of the Coalition.


The Committee should accomplish the following tasks as requested by the Coalition:

1.    Designate an agreed upon, connected trail system along the Highway 64 corridor from the Loop Trail to New Richmond.

2.    Assure Corridor Communities’ trail plans are incorporated into St. Croix County’s updated Bike & Pedestrian Plan.  This task must be accomplished before the county’s updated plan is finalized, optimally by September 2016.

3.    Keep Committee members current with changes occurring in Corridor Communities’ trail plans.

4.    Research funding method (s) for designing, engineering and constructing the connected route through the Corridor Communities.

5.    Set yearly construction and/or other priorities as deemed necessary for the Corridor Communities.

6.    Provide united support for each community’s planned design, engineering, and construction along the Hwy 64 Corridor as may be requested by the Corridor Communities for a variety of purposes.

I hereby certify that the foregoing resolution was duly adopted by the Town of St. Joseph at a legal meeting held on the 14th  day of July, 2016.

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