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Plan Comission Agenda
Dec 03, 2014
PDF Version: 15860_2014-Dec-03_Plan Comission Agenda .pdf


Hereby provided is written a notice and an agenda of the public meeting as stated below. The Town has provided communication of the public meeting to the official town newspaper. The public may provide a comment if a period for public comment is noted on the agenda and upon recognition by the presiding officer. Items on agenda may not be taken in order shown.


December 3, 2014

6:30 Town Hall


Call to Order

Statement of Public Notice

Roll Call

Pledge of Allegiance

Adoption of Agenda

Dates of Upcoming Meetings

December 11 - Town Board meeting

December 16 - Impact Study County meeting - New Richmond

January 7 - Plan Commission

January 8 - Town Caucus and Town Board meeting

January 15 - 6:30 pm - St Joseph Economic Impact Study Report

Public Comments

Reports and/or Actions by Town/County/Other committees

Items for Discussion and/or Preliminary Action and/or Action

1 GMAT Update - future activities

2. Waiver - Hartland Homes - Waiver to 168.24 or 149.7 B 5 (b) 25th Street for Orchards of St Croix

3. Kim Erickson Concept CSM - 1199 McKinley Rd, Hudson

Recommendations to Town Board

Approval of prior meeting minutes - Nov 5

Items for next Plan Commission agenda

Items for Town Board agenda


Carolyn Barrette, Chair

Members of the Town Board and Other Committees may attend. No votes or other action by the Town Board will be taken at this meeting

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