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Updated Town Board Agenda
Jul 10, 2014
PDF Version: 14090_2014-Jul-10_Updated Town Board Agenda .pdf

Town of St. Joseph - St. Croix County, WI

Hereby provided are written notice and the agenda of the public meeting as stated below. 

There is an opportunity for public comments as noted on the agenda upon recognition by the presiding officer.

Regular Meeting of the Town Board St. Joseph Town Hall July 10, 2014, 6:00 P.M.  UPDATED AGENDA

 (Items on the agenda which are not scheduled for a specific time may be considered at any time with a motion by the Board.)

Call to Order – Statement of Public Notice – Roll Call – Adoption of Agenda – Pledge of Allegiance

Dates of Upcoming Meetings and Events

July 17th Special Town Board Meeting

August 4th River Crossing Committee Meeting

August 6th Plan Commission Meeting

August 14th Storm water/ Wastewater at the Village of Somerset at 9:00 a.m.

August 14th Town Board Meeting

Monthly Status Reports:    

1. Building Inspector                           5. EMS Chief                           9. Bass Lake Rehab                                        

2. Zoning Administrator                       6. Joint Library                        10. Internet/Broadband           

3. Plan Commission                             7. Parks                                    11. River Crossing Committee

4. Fire Chief                                        8. WTA                                    12. Assessor Update

Public Comment:  Opportunity to address the Town Board on subjects not on the agenda.

Consent Agenda: 

  1. Payment of Bills, Vouchers and POs
  2. Approval of Minutes: June 12th & 18th
  3. Approval of St. Joseph Fire Fighter: Brian D. Erickson

   Public Works:  updates, discussion and possible action on:

  1. Maintenance and/or replacement of culvert on Old Hwy. 35
  2. Update on encroachment on town road easements
  3. Road Maintenance as needed on Town Roads

Unfinished/Old Business discussion and possible action on:

  1. Offer to purchase Town mower (dg)
  2. Discussion and/or clarification of the subdivision ordinance requirements pertaining to the “designation of land” as part of the Boonacker CSM (dg)

New Business discussion and possible action on:

  1. Approval of Provisional/Operators License:
    1. B & L Liquor, Inc.: Emily Lynn Myhre, 
    2. Country Side Cooperative: Nicole Jean Smock, Jacqueline Rae Johnson, Kayla J. Martin, Erin Colleen Ofstedal   
  2. Special Event Permit Application for Shot for Hope on August 2, 2014 from 7:30 a.m.-6:00 p.m. at Game Unlimited. 
  3. Special Event Permit for Chicken and Corn Feed on August 3, 2014 from 10:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m. at the Willow River Saloon.
  4. Countryside Cooperative Equity Redemption Policy
  5. Set date for public hearing for modification of Impact Fee Schedule (dg)
  6. Purchase offer of land owned by the Town at 60th St. and 125th Ave.  (dg)
  7. Replacement of playground equipment and filing of insurance claim. (dg)
  8. Tough Mudder Event- Large Assembly Permit (dg)
  9. Discussion and possible action on adopting a Resolution to exceed the levy increase limit by a specific proposed amount and determining if it will apply for the next fiscal year only or if it will apply on an ongoing basis. If approved then the question would be placed on the November General Election Ballot as a referendum. (ts)
  10.  Hudson River Fest bike route scheduled for July 13th along HWY 35 from 10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. (mv)

St. Joseph Town Committees: updates, discussion and possible action on:

Plan Commission

  1. Comp plan scoping meeting results and update

Public Works Committee

  1. Pico Traffic Counter results

River Crossing Committee

  1. Recommendation to appoint Howard Laventure to fill position on the River Crossing Committee.

Budget YTD Review: 

Items for next Plan Commission or Town Board Agendas


Meeting notice posted as follows: Emailed to the Hudson Star Observer and posted as required By Nicole Stewart Town of St. Joseph - 1337 County Road V - Hudson, WI 54016 Office 715-549-6235 Fax 715-549-6249 – clerk@townsfstjoseph.com  www.townofstjoseph.com















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