Serve on a Committee

 The Town of St. Joseph welcomes residents interested in serving on its various committees. Committees generally meet monthly.  If you would like to become a member  please email a "Letter of  Interest" indicating the committee you are applying for,  to the Clerk - Treasurer's office   For questions on this process you may also contact the Clerk-Treasurer's Office during regular hours.

About the Town Committee Members

Attend Meetings

Attend Meetings to become familiar with the activities within  the Town of St. Joseph and preview the work of the committees you may be interested in.  Meetings are held in the Town of St. Joseph at:
Town Hall
1337 County Road V
Hudson, WI 54016

Committee Monthly Meetings

  • Public Works -  first Tuesday
  • Parks, Trails and Recreation - third Wednesday
  • Technology Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Fire  Department -  Mondays

Other Meetings of the Town

  • Town Board - Second Thursday
  • Plan Commission - First Wednesday
  • Caucus - January
  • Annual Meeting - April
  • Open Book and Board of Review - June
  • Budget Hearing, Meeting of the Electors & Town Board